Inspections & Permits

The Division of Environmental health permits and routinely inspects Food Service Establishments to ensure compliance with the 2017 Illinois Food Service Sanitation Code, Part 750 Food Code, and the Fayette County Food Sanitation Ordinance. Before a Food Service Establishment can begin operations, they must obtain a Fayette County Food Service Establishment Operating Permit and pass a pre-opening inspection. The number of inspections per establishment is dependent upon which Food Service Establishment Categorization the establishment falls under. All inspection scores are posted on the Food Establishment Scores page.

Food Inspection Scores


Food Safety Education

Aside from establishment inspections, we strive to educate food service mangers and operators on proper food safety practices and HACCP principles. Increasing food safety education is a great defense against food-borne illnesses. Several CFPM Classes are available statewide. Some helpful Food Safety links are listed below.

ANSI Approved Online Food Handler Training Courses

List of Training Programs


Other Resources

Selling Food in Fayette County

The Division of Environmental Health welcomes new and temporary food service establishments to Fayette County. A well organized plan is the first step in selling food in Fayette County. We encourage you to contact us early in the planning process. Proper planning will save you time and money and ensure you are aware of all regulations before you begin your business. Before your Food Service Establishment can begin operation, it must pass Pre-Opening Inspection and obtain a Fayette County Food Service Establishment Operating Permit.

Cottage Food

The new Home-To-Market Act became effective on January 1st, 2022.  The Act requires Cottage Food Operators to register annually with their local health department before selling homemade products to the public.  The Cottage Food Operator must be a Certified Food Protection Manager.


The Division of Environmental Health also responds to complaints of improper food handling and suspected food-borne illness. If you would like to report a complaint, submit a complaint form to our office, send an email or contact our office.

If you have any additional questions regarding the Food Sanitation Program. Please contact us at 618.283.1044.

Food Recalls

FDA Recalls, Market Alerts and Safety Alerts is a current list of recalled foods and the states affected.