Potable Drinking Water

The Division of Environmental Health conducts plan reviews, permitting and final installation inspections for new and modified private water wells. Education and regulation concerning private water wells help ensure a safe potable water supply. This limits exposure to pathogens and reduces negative environmental impacts.

Private Water Well Installation

Before a private water well can be installed, Illinois Department of Public Health, Application for Permit to Construct, Modify or Abandon a Water Well and the $100.00 application fee payable to the Illinois Department of Public Health must be submitted. If the proposed water well meets the requirements of the Illinois Water Well Construction Code, the applicant will be granted a permit. It is then the responsibility of the applicant to give 48 hour notification to the Division of Environmental health prior to installation. After your well is installed, Your New Well offers tips on keeping your well safe.

Abandoned Wells

An estimated 400,000 private water wells in Illinois provide drinking water to approximately 1.3 million people. Each year, many of these wells are abandoned when they are replaced with new wells or when homes are connected to community water systems. An abandoned well can pose a health and safety hazard if it is improperly sealed or not sealed at all.

When abandoned wells are left open, children, animals or even adults can fall into them, causing injury or death. Also, an abandoned well can serve as a route for contaminating groundwater.

The following information will help insure your abandoned well is properly sealed:

Water Sample Analysis

The Division of Environmental Health can arrange for water analysis through the Illinois Department of Public Health Laboratory. The lab can analyze your water sample for Coliform bacteria. Please call the office for water testing information. If your water sample results are positive for bacteria, we recommend closely following the Well Disinfection Procedure.

Other types of analysis may be available through the Illinois Department of Public Health Laboratory, Illinois State Water Survey or through another laboratory. A list of EPA certified laboratories can be found at List of Accredited Labs.

Boil Orders

In the event a municipal water system issues a boil order, water to be used for drinking and cooking purposes should be brought to a rolling boil for at least three (3) minutes before use. Do not drink from soda machines or ice machines until the boil order has been lifted. Bottled water should be used as a substitute. Stay tuned to your local radio station and WKRV WPMB Facebook page for boil order announcements.


The Division of Environmental Health also responds to complaints regarding private water wells and abandoned wells. If you would like to file a complaint, please submit a complaint form to our office or send an email. Please include all requested information.